Monday, August 29, 2016

Dear readers,

I apologize for the lack of a post this month.

I’ve wanted to start a short story blog for a while, but I am new to publishing my work; I am still figuring out how to personally make and stick to deadlines. Additionally, this month I have been busy preparing for school by shopping and packing, so I haven’t had much time to write.

However, I desired to make a post every month, and these are not excuses. By publishing my work, I have made a commitment to you, dear readers. I need to uphold that commitment.

Fortunately, I have a couple of stories in the drafting phases that I plan to release this September. The month of September will have two stories, one to make up for the month of August. 

Thank you for understanding.

P.S. I've recently been addicted to Fallen London, a browser-based text game. If you are looking for superb story-telling between my posts, you should check it out. It's kind of like a choose your own adventure book, except the story is better, it's on the internet, and it's free. Actually, not much like a book at all. Too good.